• Full Name: Jacantamore Madina Tinro
  • Known as: Jacantamore the original
  • Date of Birth: 45 OC (Old Civilization)
  • State: Died in 28 NW (New World) at the age of 73
  • Wife: Amayeta Valin
  • Children: Averett Toya Tinro – Delphia Rys Tinro – Murka Rys Tinro – Katin Ari Lando Aster Tinro


  • Height : 173
  • Weight: 72
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Gray

General Info:

Jacantamore was born during the first civilization and lived through its peek era. He was the sole heir for the kingdom of Tinro, one of the seven kingdoms of the old world.

He, and his wife Amayeta were the only survivals who stayed in the center of Mastoperia after the massive event that broke the one continent world into five pieces.

He was forty-two when the destruction happened and lost two kids in the process, a boy and a girl.

Jacantamore is considered the father of all Mastoperia. He and his wife fathered four more children after that.

Though Amayeta died during the birth of the fourth child, Jacantamore lived for twenty more years after that. He raised his children as a single parent and taught them about the old world.

Today, not much is known about Jacantamore.

His grave is somewhere inside the Forbidden city, but no one can visit it.


Jacantamore has a calm nature. He prefers to listen than talk. He is athletic, active, and social.

As the sole heir of the old kingdom of Tinro, he took it upon himself to get closer to his people and listen to their problems himself, which put him in conflict with his father who ruled with an iron grip.

He loves to walk at night and listen to the random sounds of his kingdom streets.

He trained in the art of war by general Dumat who lead the expansion campaigns of Tinro five years before the birth of Jacantamore.

He studied weaponry, science, and magical healing spells.

After the death of Amayeta, Jacantamore gathered his four children every night and told them stories of the first civilization. He believed that by passing the wisdom of the old world, his children would grow to build a new one, better and improved.

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