• Full Name: John Enos Wilson
  • Race: Human (Guardian)
  • Known as: John
  • Date of Birth: November, 26th, 1997
  • State: Alive
  • Brothers: Jacob Wilson – Oliver Wilson
  • First appearance: Earth Guardians prequel: First Contact


  • Height : 5.7″
  • Weight: 132 lb
  • Eye Color: green
  • Hair Color: black

General Info:

John is the protector of Earth as current carrier of the guardian Gene. He started his training at the age of six after meeting Rupert.

Rupert staged a plan convincing John’s parents that he needed daily special tutoring. He would pick him up after school and take him to a secret location for three hours to train him.

Thanks to his guardian gene, John was trained in both old and modern martial arts. He speaks every language known to man, including dead languages that no longer exists and nine alien languages.

He studied the entire history of earth and knows it by heart

John can run at 40 km/h and can jump as high as five story building. Despite his deceiving physic, he can easily out power entire armies as long as he has his weapon and armor.

He heals incredibly fast and can sustain damage 50 times more than a regular human before suffering the same effect.


John is smart, quick with his replies and hyper active. He likes to walk for days, and sleeps as little as possible.

He can be contradictory sometimes and doesn’t always understand his feeling. He takes time to form opinions and build emotions about people, but once he made up his mind, there is no changing it.

He loves meeting people and taking with them, though he doesn’t always know how. He believes that no one understands him, so he chooses solitude even when he doesn’t like it.

John is determined and always knows what he wants to do next. He doesn’t easily break and when he does, he quickly snaps himself out of it.

John doesn’t love easily, but loves deeply. His last known girlfriend is Wilma Lindgren. Their relationship lasted for three years, but even though it ended a while ago, he still cannot seem to get over her.

He loves sarcasm and indirect speech to the point that he would like anyone who would manage to out-sarcasm him.

He believes in humans and would do anything to save them (part of that is due to his gene)

John can be cruel at times and insensitive a lot if it would help him get what he wants.

After he finished his training, he packed his bag and went to the wild side of France, where he spent five years.

He only returned to the world after learning that an alien invasion is coming.

To know more about John, follow his journey in Earth Guardians Trilogy


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