• Full Name: Rupert
  • Race: Precursor species that inhabited earth before humans
  • Also Known as: Amun
  • Date of Birth: Unknown (Shortly after the birth of the universe)
  • State: Alive
  • Family: Ra
  • First Appearance: Earth Guardians prequel: First Contact.


  • Height : 30.2″
  • Weight: 652 lb
  • Eye Color: bright blue
  • Hair Color: non-existent

General Info:

Rupert is the mentor of Earth guardians. He has the power to sense their special gene the moment they are conceived. He then Tracks the new guardian and does whatever he needs to teach them about their destiny and prepare them for any possible invasion. 

Rupert is a biological shape-shifting robot from a precursor species. He can shift to anything he wants, be it biological or machine. However, his common form in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is a fighter jet. He stays in his jet form more than he stays in his original one. He claims he does this to not arouse questions among the public, but this motive is questionable.

Since he was present on earth since before man kind, Rupert knows everything there’s to know about the universe, and can speak its every language.

Rupert can fly at more than 1000 KM/H and shoots laser bullets, either out his hands in his original form or any part of his body that he transforms into a gun.

The last guardian he trained is John Wilson.


Rupert loves the guardians and believes that it’s his life mission to train them. It’s not sure if he shares the same sentiment for all humans or not, but he cares about humanity as a whole and doesn’t want to see their race vanish.

He is serious most of the time, but appreciates a good joke and a clever burn. He likes to think everything through and always knows what he is doing. Sometimes he plans decades a head. He admits that once he planned something, no one can change that except guardians whom he perceives as unpredictable and emotional.

He can stay still for years and it doesn’t bother him. Rupert also doesn’t engage with regular humans unless he deems it to be critical to his plans.

Once a guardian finishes their training program, Rupert gives them the freedom to act and switches his role from a mentor to a soldier, where he follows the guardians orders.

He can be contradictory sometimes and doesn’t always understand his feelings. He takes time to form opinions and build emotions about people, but once he made up his mind, there is no changing it.

In the past, he used to love meeting people and talking with them, though he doesn’t always know how. He believes that no one understands him, so he chooses solitude even when he doesn’t like it.

His teaching methods can be cruel and he displays a lack of emotion most of the time, and when he shows emotions, it’s usually anger.

To know more about Rupert, follow his journey in Earth Guardians Trilogy


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