• Full Name: Ra
  • Race: Precursor species that inhabited earth
  • Also Known as: The sun god. God of gods
  • Date of Birth: Unknown (Shortly after the birth of the universe)
  • State: Alive
  • Family: Rupert
  • First Appearance: Earth Guardians: Invasion


  • Height : 30.3″
  • Weight: 664 lb
  • Eye Color: Bright Red
  • Hair Color: Non-existent

General Info:

Ra has existed since the beginning of time and is related to Rupert, the guardians mentor. Ra also looks after the guardians, though his role is more in the back scene. He rarely interacts with guardians and sometimes never sees them.

He lives in the heart of the great pyramid of Giza where he has his command center. His main job is to watch over the space around Earth and detect any alien invasion as early as possible to warn the guardians.

Like Rupert, he is a biological shape-shifting robot from a precursor species. He can shift to anything he wants be it biological or machine. Ra doesn’t seem to have a favorite form other than his real one, though he does transform to an orange jet sometimes.

He met John Wilson for the first time after learning about the Patonian invasion. John appears to respect him, but their relationship is unclear. Ra, however, does appear to value John and his time as a guardian of Earth


Ra has a calm personality. He is quiet and likes to listen to every word told to him, weighing it in his head before he gives a response.

His voice is deep and comes from his center. When he talks, he reflects more of an authority and comes of as someone who knows exactly what he is doing.

Ra takes time to calculate his next move. He can appear hesitant at times, but this is because he doesn’t like to make a decision without knowing all the factors.

He doesn’t understand sarcasm or laughter in general. Even though he is almost identical to Rupert, he has more of a serious demeanor and would refuse to waste his time doing anything unproductive.

Ra will always say things as they are regardless of their impact.

At some point in his life, Ra was worshiped as the god of all gods. He never talks of this time and it’s unclear why.


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