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A community for Readers & Writers
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To unlock my personal channel on Aconite’s discord server go to Lore-Navigation Channel and click the button with the number 2

Readers Tribe

Aconite is focused around readers and everything fun that comes with it. From Book club to Trivia nights and a lot more in between. If you want, you can always open the authors channel and talk directely with the community authors.

Fantasy Focused

Aconite community is built around all things fantasy. Regardless of your favorite genre, as long as it belongs under the Fantasy umbrella, then you will find a home there.

Writers Tribe

Meet the indie authors of the community and share your work and aspirations. Learn from one another as you grow and find the best practices. The number one thing, however, is that you get to make friends in your field.

Aconite Cafe

Annual Caffeinated Fantasy Awards

This year, Aconite is organizing the first Indie Book Award for all things fantasy. Go to their website and nominate your favorite book or beloved author for the awards

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