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You are now a member of the ARC team


What Now?!

Once I have a book ready, you will get it before the release date. Please note that time may vary. It could be a week, or up to a month. You are not required to post your review by the release date, though it’s preferable. You will have up to a month after the date you receive the book. All You need to do is follow these simple steps.


the book via E-mail

You will get the book by Email with a direct link for you to download it. Make sure you have white listed so you don’t miss out on any book.


the book

Sit back, relax and enjoy the book. Even though you are on the ARC team, I don’t want you to feel that this is a job. You are a volunteer. You do this for fun. So take your time to enjoy your read. 


the book

Once You are done, write a review and post it to Amazon, goodreads, or Bookbub. You can choose one site or post to all three. I prefer Amazon, but it’s totally up to you.

Frequently asked Questions

What If I don't like the book

Please it’s very important that you leave an honest review. Saying how you feel helps me as well as other leaders. I don’t want to mislead anyone.

What If I miss a review?

That’s okay. You can miss up to three reviews before I remove you from the team. Even then, If you have a good review history over all, I will overlook this rule. Sometimes life gets in the way and that’s understandable.

Will I still get the weekly emails if I leave the ARC team?

No, while the list for the ARC team is different from my readers’ list, both are within the same software. unsubscribing from one of my list, takes you off all of them by default.

What If I want to leave the team?

At the end of every email you receive there’s an unsbscribe button. Click it and you will never receive a book to review again

Why would you remove me from the team?

Some readers join ARC teams only to get free books and never review them. I work hard on these books and spend a lot of time and money. It is unfair to just give them for free.

More importantly


I understand that you are going out of your way to help me as an author and I apreciate this a lot. I want to thank you for it and know that it makes me happy, even if you cannot see it