Twelve Jackals


Book One

Earth Guardians

SCI-Fantasy for the Travelers at Heart


For me, writing is a journey into the unknown, an escape from a world that I percieve with darkness into one where I see hope.

I was born in 1987, in Aswan, south of Egypt, but I am from Cairo. I spent the first fourteen years of my life moving around from city to city because of my father’s job, never staying in the same city more than 2 years in a row. I ended up going to 10 different schools in 13 years of pre-university education. As a result, I became adabtable to life, quick to make friends, but can also easily let go, and as I grew older, travelling became a part of my soul.

I graduated from Helwan university in Cairo, where I majored in both Tourism studies, and ancient Egyptian History. The latter, is still a passion of mine and has a great influence on my writings.

For the last five years, I have been living in a city called Tours, located in the center of France. Though I am planning to move away in the near future, Tours will always be special to my heart.

Writing & MeĀ 

Unlike most authors, I can’t tell you that I have been writing since I was a kid, or that I grew up reading classics and list to you all the authors who influenced me. My sister (the one kissing my baby head in the photo) was the avid reader in the family and the one tasked with telling bedtime stories to me and my younger brother. It was her who put the seed of story telling in my heart and for that I am forever grateful. That seed was slowly watered and nurtured throughout the different stages in my life, but didn’t blossom until college. It was when I met an EX who was passionate about writing; That, and my study of Ancient Egypt catapulted me into building my own fantasy worlds, and I never stopped since.

Life & Friendships

I walk through life with a what the hell attitude. A face that cares for nothing and a heart that is always broken. The two things that mean the most to me are love and friendship. This is because they are the two areas where I struggle the most in my life. I am what you can consider a hopeless romantic with a twist, which also extends to my friendships. As I said, I can connect on a deep level easily. Within a single day, I can put you on the list of my best friends, but even though I can also walk away as easily, the connections remain engraved in my heart forever. That puts a toll on me and makes me appear bipolar in relationships. A struggle that I have yet to find a way out of.

My Books