The Last Seed

Book 0.5 tells the story of Evailen’s mother and the Lunardis spy Orantine. The events of this novella starts at the end of War Remnants and ends at the beginning of Book 1, The Forbidden Warriors

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About The Book

Orantine is a spy from the faction of Lunar. Like everyone in her modern day faction, she was born with six seeds on her body that allow her to control almost every aspect of her physical body.

When Oran receives a mission to investigate a member from the faction of Delphia, she is immediately thrown off balance. She doesn’t know how to infiltrate a place where the citizins have the power to see the future, so she seeks the help of her husband.

What would Orantine do to ensure the success of her mission?

Lunar is the most technologically advanced factions in the world as they use their blue seed to enhance their brains.

Bodya, Oran’s husband is a scientist and inventor. He and Oran come up with the idea of taking away her memories temporary, using one of Bodya’s invention.

The plan with that if she doesn’t know what’s coming, the Delphians wouldn’t be able to see it, but without her memories of her past life, anything could happen.

Would their plan succeed? or would she drift away? But more importantly, would she ever find her way back to her husband and only daughter, Evailen?

The world and character building has been beautifully written. You are constantly kept on your toes. The author has you guessing all the time. You think you’ve figured it out and a curve ball comes in and totally knocks you back to square one.

Graham on Good Reads

What’s inside

Chapter 1


“Most people are not lucky enough to work in a job they like. I… am not most people. Yet, sometimes we have to walk away from the things we like to find the things we love.”

“Miss Orantine, I didn’t ask you to start your story yet.”

“Is this not why I’m here?” Please, don’t make this investigation go longer than it needs. If I don’t get out of here by the end of the day, I won’t have enough time to save her.

“Yes, but there are protocols that we have to follow. Please state your name, age, and faction of origin for the record.”

Stupid questions that he already knows the answers to, but this is not the time to argue. “Orantine Maray, Thirty-nine. My faction of origin is Lunar.”

“Is this the first time the Delphian intelligence investigates you?”

“You already know that it isn’t.” I can’t believe this. “Can you please ask the important questions? I don’t have time to waste.”

“Miss Orantine, I have to follow the protocol. The polygraph has to record all the answers before you tell your story. Otherwise, the recording won’t be acceptable, and I won’t be able to allow you to return to your faction as promised.”

Polygraph? Did he say polygraph? Where is it, though?

I can see the six cameras they tried to hide behind the wall. They should have known that a room wrapped entirely in white LED lights would easily reveal its secrets. There is a camera in each corner, one in the middle of the wall behind me, and once inside the opposite wall, behind him. I can see the black spots they leave on the surface. Then there’s this white rectangle table between him and me, and our matching LED-lit chairs. But there’s nothing else in this room, so, where’s that polygraph. And since when do Delphians have top of the line technology? Technology is my faction’s skill. They always relied on us to get modern gadgets, yet I doubt my faction would give them such a machine that they could use against us.

“Miss Orantine, I need you to repeat your answer clearly, please.”

Please! He sounds so polite. His features and pose portray the same too. Blue round eyes that are focused on me enough so I believe I’m the center of his attention, though they dart to the stack of papers in front of him every now and then to avoid making me uncomfortable. His small lips are perfectly lined together, showing no signs of his demeanor, neither frowning nor smiling. Unwrinkled nose matching the sandy color of his skin. He must be in his early twenties. His arms are always on the table to make me feel safe, and far enough from each other, so he appears inviting. This is a man who knows what he is doing. His clothes appear to be the standard outfit of Delphia, a white suit made of silk, loose enough so he can freely run in it. His collar appears to be different, though, it’s green. I know they use the color of their collars to differentiate ranks, but I’ve never seen green before.

“Miss Orantine, are you still with me? I thought time was important for you.”

Right! I need to stay away from my overthinking, at least for now. “This is the second time the Delphian intelligence interviews me. The first was seventeen years ago when I asked for permeant admission into Delphia.”

“You are here today because you have asked to revoke that admission and return to your faction. Is that correct?”


“Why do you want to leave Delphia?”

“Because I need to be in Lunar before tomorrow.”

“I will repeat my question, Miss Orantine, and I would like a clear answer with an actual cause if you want us to move on. Why do you want to leave Delphia?”

“I don’t feel comfortable telling you the answer.” I don’t know what you would do with my words.

“Then I won’t be able to continue with this investigation, and I have no choice but to refuse your request.”

Why are you standing and gathering your papers? No, wait!. “Sit please, I will tell you.”

“I will remind you that you can’t lie. One lie will result in an immediate refusal.”

“I’m aware.” Okay, let’s not overthink this. I will just tell him, and it will be alright. Oh no, I need to blink back that tear, this is not the time to show vulnerability. Focus Oran, focus.

“I received news that Lantrix is going after my daughter.”

“Lantrix, the video game company?”

“Yes. My daughter used to work there, and they had some sort of fallout. It seems she discovered some information that they don’t want the public to know, and they are now trying to silence her.”

“Wouldn’t that be a crime?”

“Not for a large, influential company like Lantrix. They have the politicians in their pocket.”

“What do you think they will do?”

“Kill her.” Maybe even worse. They could strip her o her seeds, turning her into an empty shell.

“How do you plan to prevent that?”

You’re going too far with your questions. “Is this part of the investigation?”

“Your answers are what steers this investigation. Therefore, yes, it is part of the investigation.”

I hate that Delphian power. It teaches them how to avoid any loophole. “As a spy, I still have connections in Lunar. I’m sure I can do something.”

“Are you still a spy, Miss Orantine?”

“Former spy.”

“When was the last time you had contact with Lunar?”

“Contacting my faction doesn’t mean I was spying for them while living here.”

“Fair enough. When was the last time you fulfilled any duties for Lunar?”

“Seventeen years ago, before I moved here.”

“Alright Miss Orantine­­­—”

“Please call me Oran if you plan to call me by my name every two sentences.”

“I can’t do that, Miss Orantine.”

Ugh… Delphians and their rules.

“I will start again, Miss Orantine since you interrupted me the last time. All your answers appear authentic. Before we move on, I would like to remind you about the rules of this investigation.”

Yes, please waste more of my time by telling me things I already know.

“This meeting will determine whether you can return to your faction or not. If I accept your exit request, you won’t be able to return to Delphia, neither as a visitor nor as a resident. You can never request another admission even from your own faction. If I refuse, you have the right to appeal. Once. If the appeal is also refused, you could renew your request in a year’s time. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” Speak faster.

“I would also like to remind you that if I refuse your request and you leave this faction regardless, it will be considered a hostile action, and we will be entitled to request a hunt from the Forbidden Warriors who will rip off your six seeds. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” Should I think about what I would do if he refuses my request? No, no, I can’t focus on the negative now. I just need to make sure that my story is compelling enough for him to let me go, and everything will be okay. Will it be, though? One thing at a time Oran. One thing at a time.

Why is he grabbing his pen and reaching for the stack of paper in front of him? “What are you writing? I thought this was a recorded investigation.”

“I just need you to sign these papers. They state everything we just said.”

“Fine, where do you want me to sign?”

“On each paper, under my name.”

“Breto Namara? Are you related to Dairo Namara?”

“Yes, did you know him well?”

“A little.” Let’s not make a conversation out of this. I don’t want to regret my question. “Here. All signed.” And with a fake smile just for you. “Shall we begin?”

“Yes. I heard your record from the last investigation, and I understand you asked for asylum after you defied your superiors. I would like you to tell me the story from the day you received that mission up to whenever you want. Please be clear and precise with the events since I won’t be asking questions during the time you tell me the story. The more information you give me, the easier it will be for me to make a clear decision that will hopefully be in your favor. Are we on the same page?”


“Please start then, and I will listen.”



This story can be read as an intro to the series, as a stand alone or at anytime during the series.

This Novella explores only two of the four factions withing the continent of Mastoperia. It is a great way to learn more about the world in depth before you jump into the core novels.

Spectacularly moving. This story was so wonderful. Action where it needed to be. Emotions where they fit perfectly.

Jessica on Goodreads

This is a really gripping story, the ideas are brilliant the different abilities, I just loved it. But there is also some heartbreak, sacrifice and forgiveness all within this 140 page novella. I really look forward to more, I need to see what happens next.

on Goodreads

I really enjoyed this story. I’ll definitely have to look for more stories set in this world.

Jill Jemmett on Goodreads

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