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Illicitum Series

Book 1: Twelve JAckals

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A short future is better than no future at all…

Rakamai leads Kala’s ruling council with a goal—find peace with the three other magic factions on the hidden continent of Mastoperia. Each faction wields unique talents, but the people of Kala refrain from using theirs unless they must.

Using their magic shortens their lives…

Discovering two other factions have created an alliance, Rakamai fears an attack on his people is imminent. He visits the faction Averett with his wife to propose an alliance of their own, but nothing goes as planned. A swift betrayal turns Rakamai’s life upside down in an instant and his dreams of a brighter future are cut down. Saving his people means sacrificing his future—an impossible price for a father to pay…

Come discover a hidden continent filled with animal companions and magic—cursed magic…

Full Cover Illustration

Designed by Christina P. Myrvold