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Ascension Trials Hardback: Illicitum #3

Ascension Trials Hardback: Illicitum #3

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There may be four Illicitums, but only one can pass the trials.

Every 250 years, the four factions of Mastoperia send their elitist warriors to the Forbidden palace to become Illicitums—keepers of the peace, and protectors of the continent. But first, the four Illicitums must survive the ascension trials to prove they are worthy and choose their leader.

Only one can sit on the throne.

Rondai, Jihave, Evailen, and Kawan must go to a world they know nothing about to recover heavily guarded artifacts. Each is armed with the unique magic of their faction. Each crippled by a team of untrustworthy companions.

In this challenge of speed and precision, power alone is not enough, wit is not always the answer, and compassion is a risky maneuver. And then there are the secrets they didn’t expect to uncover, the truth about their hidden continent.

Who deserves the throne? Who will you root for?

(Can be read before books 1 & 2 in the series)

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