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Most of us see only the mundane in our world, but few know the truth, the secrets hidden in our history. Yet, the world as we know it is about to change. With an alien invasion coming, it's time for the secrets to come out. But until we are ready, only one man can protect us and he is ready for the job.

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You told me I could save this world alone because you feared I'd grow up to lead it. you kept me from reaching my full potential and forced me to fight a battle I was never going to win.

- John Wilson (Invasion)

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Rakamai is the leader of his faction (Kala), and the best at Gate Magic. He is tired of paying the price of magic and wishes for a calm life with his family. To do that, he must first guarantee peace for his people. However, his enemy traps him between two impossible choices, the safety of his people and the future of his family. Rakamai must now push his magic to its limits and use his twelve Jackals technique to secure his own choice. He can either escape the continent (A crime punishable by death at the hands of the Forbidden Warriors) Or stand to fight against the faction of Averett and their magical power of controlling Majestic animals.

Which title intrigues you the most to read the story?
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Kala’s Gate Magic

Kala’s Gate Magic

Kala’s Gate Magic came to existence after Katin (The founder of the faction) stumbled upon the sacred pool during his travels in the western desert of Mastoperia. Katin swam in the pool, thinking it was another hot spring in the middle of the desert. When he fell a sleep next to the water source, he saw the guards of the gates in his dream that night and every night for the following two years where they taught him about their magic and how to access it. Katin will go on to become the strongest user of Gate Magic, and will teach it to his descendants, creating a faction of powerful masters.

Living in a PC World

Living in a PC World

Last week, I went to a costume housewarming party. My friend lives with two other roommates, so there were a ton of people that I didn’t know, which I naturally loved since I enjoy meeting new people.