A treated translation of the first line on the tablet of The Broken Mural;

Round and round the world goes. Monsters fight and evil roars. When heroes rise, adventure calls. Who is right? And who is false?


    The barer of the six seeds will rise to save the world. She will fail five times, and on the sixth she will die.



    An epic fantasy series


    The Mural is the home of seven planets that were once one. Broken, lost, and now split across the universe, humankind must learn to survive in a world that doesn’t want them.


    7 planets, 7 worlds, 7 standalone book series with crossovers that lead to one epic finale. Multiple original magic systems, and a massive cast of characters.


    The Story has only just begun.


    The only safe-haven from the Bleakness, a phenomenon that destroys the world every seven days.


    The Book of Sevens

    Coming Soon

A treated translation of the last line on the tablet of The Broken Mural;

And the light enveloped the world, bright and beautiful. They thought it was over, but the light wasn’t theirs. It didn’t come for them.

A treated translation from the tablet of The Broken Mural;

Hope was lost, but faith was not. And so onward they went, and together they fought. And when the end came, they raised their weapons and charged.