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Illicitum Hardback Bundle: Books 1 to 3

Illicitum Hardback Bundle: Books 1 to 3

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What readers are saying:

★★★★★ I was really taken by surprise by this tale! So many great things! The approach to the magic systems and the characters talents were so unique I was instantly drawn in. The storyline is gripping! This is my first exposure to this author and I am very pleased with the writing style! Totally looking forward to the continuation. Amazon Review

★★★★★ Wonderfully written characters in a well thought out world with multiple unique magic systems. Amazon Review

★★★★★ This is the kind of series you pick up and don't put down until you read the last page. Amazon Review

★★★★★ In this thrilling adventure, you will not be able to stop reading until you have finished. Amazon Review

★★★★★ This author brings us an immersive world you won't soon forget, full of fascinating characters and unique magic systems. Every scene played out in vivid color in my mind's eye. You'll walk away sure you just watched the movie. Goodreads review

Their Lives are different. Their World is not.

This bundle contains the first three books of the Illicitum series. Each can be read as a standalone or in its series order.

Book One: Twelve Jackals

A short future is better than no future at all…

Rakamai leads Kala’s ruling council with a goal—find peace with the three other magic factions on the hidden continent of Mastoperia. Each faction wields unique talents, but the people of Kala refrain from using theirs unless they must.

Using their magic shortens their lives…

Discovering two other factions have created an alliance, Rakamai fears an attack on his people is imminent. He visits the faction Averett with his wife to propose an alliance of their own, but nothing goes as planned. A swift betrayal turns Rakamai’s life upside down in an instant and his dreams of a brighter future are cut down. Saving his people means sacrificing his future—an impossible price for a father to pay…

Come discover a hidden continent filled with animal companions and magic—cursed magic…

Book Two: Glass Memory

Can one spy infiltrate a faction where everyone sees the future?

Orantine has everything, a happy family, a genetically enhanced body, and a dream job that labels her as the faction’s greatest spy. When she receives a mission to investigate a faction where everyone sees the future—a job no one has succeeded in finishing before—she must lose everything.

Orantine and her scientist husband formulate a plan that will allow her to manipulate the enemy. Its first step is for Orantine to lose all memory of her last five years. To succeed, she must complete her mission and find the way back to her real life.

Can Orantine do what no spy has ever done? Or will her choices doom the rest of her life?

Book Three: Ascension Trials

There may be four Illicitums, but only one can pass the trials.

Every 250 years, the four factions of Mastoperia send their elitist warriors to the Forbidden palace to become Illicitums—keepers of the peace, and protectors of the continent. But first, the four Illicitums must survive the ascension trials to prove they are worthy and choose their leader.

Only one can sit on the throne.

Rondai, Jihave, Evailen, and Kawan must go to a world they know nothing about to recover heavily guarded artifacts. Each is armed with the unique magic of their faction. Each crippled by a team of untrustworthy companions.

In this challenge of speed and precision, power alone is not enough, wit is not always the answer, and compassion is a risky maneuver. And then there are the secrets they didn’t expect to uncover, the truth about their hidden continent.

Who deserves the throne? Who will you root for?
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